Zombie Kush

Bred using primarily Amnesia, Lavender Kush and BubbaKush genetics, Zombie Kush is an 80/20 Indica hybrid. With some impressive Afghani and Pakistani heritage way down in the strain’s lineage, Zombie Kush is a heavy Indica that is well-known for its potent sedative properties.



The OG strains are very popular in California where a simple formula has brought great results. Since the 1990s, breeders have taken a strain and crossed it with OG Kush, developing the genetics over time and producing reliable and potent strains. These strains are distinguished from others due to their terpene profile, which characteristically includes caryophyllene and myrcene, giving it the familiar floral and diesel aroma.

Zombie Kush (7g)

ZOMBIE KUSH is dank bud with a multi-dimensional flavor profile. Aromas such as pine, earth, and lavender tease the nose and delight the palate. Buds are on the small side. They are dense and bright green with orange hairs. White trichomes and resin are plentiful.

Recreational users can expect a couch-locking experience as the weed hits the body hard with sedation and sleepiness. You may feel some euphoria in the head while the body says not now, later. One way to use this strain is for introspection – lay on the bank of a river and contemplate your existence and then go home and have the best sleep of your life!

Deep and peaceful sleep is the promise to medical patients as well as a pain-free existence. People with stress, depression, insomnia, and anxiety will all find something to like in Zombie OG. People suffering from wasting diseases or undergoing chemotherapy may find that they are much more likely to visit the fridge or cupboard for some delicious munchies.

ZOMBIE KUSH is not one of the easiest seeds or plants to find. Search for relatives like Zombie Kush or others in the Zombie or OG family. Grow it indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. This plant yields high in the harvest with dense buds. Novice growers can attempt it. Expect average height plants and flowering in 9 weeks, which is a bit longer than other cannabis strains.

Named for the zombie-like state this strain will put you in, Zombie OG is a favorite of recreational and medical users that just happen to be in the market for a peaceful weed coma.

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Zombie Kush overview

Zombie Kush is a hybrid strain that is mostly made up of indica. This strain is a mix of Bubba Kush and Sideral. Zombie Kush is a strain that dulls the mind and can definitely help you relax.

You’ll be able to stay focused on what you’re doing while the sedation slowly takes effect because of how the drug makes you feel. If you’re not looking for something to knock you out right away, the slow trickle-down effect is nice.

Zombie Kush is not a light indica, but it does help you get into the zone where you feel good. Zombie first starts to work behind your eyes, helping to clear your mind and give you focus and motivation where you need it. And slowly but surely, this feeling will turn into a head high that will make you feel happy.

The next part is a heavy, relaxed body high that puts you in that “couch lock” zone and lets you drift off into the night. Zombie Kush is a great strain for helping with things like stress, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and loss of appetite.

What’s the strength of Zombie Kush?

The average amount of THC in the Zombie Kush strain is between 18 and 21 percent, and the amount of CBD is less than 1 percent.

Even though there are also alternatives that are high in CBD and can have up to 24 percent CBDa. This strain is great for treating chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

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Is Zombie Kush indica or sativa?

This is, as far as I can tell, a pure Indica beast. Zombie OG gives you everything you love about Indica. The high comes on strong and fast, and you feel happy and sleepy almost right away.

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