Strawberry Cough Strain

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Strawberry Cough is the ideal sativa for cannabis lovers who value flavor and aroma. Its aroma takes you to strawberry fields, and its flavor, which is sweet, spicy, and somewhat strawberry-like, is equally mesmerizing.

Its lineage is largely unclear, and the mystery surrounding it starts with a breeder by the name of Kyle Kushman. Kyle reportedly received cannabis seeds from plants that grew in a strawberry field in either Connecticut or Vermont as a gift from an unidentified breeder.

He then crossed them with Original Haze seeds (a mix of landrace sativas). As a result, , a popular cannabis strain, was created.


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Why is it referred to as strawberry cough?

gets its flavor/aroma characteristic and mildly calming effect from Strawberry Fields, while Haze is responsible for the creative, euphoric mind high.

Its THC content ranges from 13 to 18 percent on average. Its high is perfect for social situations because it frequently lessens fear and anxiety and leaves the user happier and more open-minded.

It fosters a carefree mindset that helps improve mental clarity and senses while also easing minor aches all throughout the body. It gives you a little energy and doesn’t make you feel disoriented, making it a fantastic choice for daytime use.


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What is the benefit of strawberry Cough?

Various sources have reported that Strawberry Cough can aid in the treatment of melancholy, anxiety, stress, PTSD, loss of appetite, pain, and exhaustion. In the book Cannabis Pharmacy, it is recommended for depression and muscle relaxation.

Reviewers have noticed that this strain is excellent for boosting creativity, having meaningful conversations, and getting rid of writer’s block.

a fantastic strain for first-time users because it rarely causes paranoia. It is normal to expect dry lips and eyes when using any cannabis strain.

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