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Slurricane strain, an indica-dominant strain that is quickly rising to the top of the cannabis market, offers users everything they could possibly desire in a joint. The crew at In House Genetics created a legend by combining Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch.

They’ve experimented with a broad variety of phenotypes, and it appears that Slurricane will soon be crossed with other strains to produce some truly spectacular plants.

Taste The Tropics With The Pungent Slurricane Strain


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Most would concur that this strain is best suited for more seasoned users since her THC content can reach as high as 28%. Large, fluffy, dark-colored nugs with a dense layer of white trichomes that, under the appropriate lighting, have a slight purple tint.

Users may anticipate a blend of cherries, spice, cream, and perhaps a hint of tropical fruit to dance around their tongue while they smoke. Both flavors and fragrances closely resemble one another. Slur is advised to be used in the evening, therefore she might be the ideal dessert bud.


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What are the Slurricane strain’s effects?

Instead, it is predicated on the powerful impacts of the strain. After all, it comes at you like a hurricane. slur is also renowned for its powerfully relaxing effects, which leave all of the body’s muscles loose and unwound. As a result, some individuals discover that they mumble or slur their sentences a little bit more frequently.


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