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Due to its genetic makeup, Pink Rozay strain is an indica-dominant strain (80/20): a mix between the indica Lemonchello #10 and the sativa Lemon Pound Cake #75.

These strains give it a somewhat high THC concentration of approximately 17 percent and a fruity flavor and aroma that attract cannabis newbies.

The first thing you will notice about the plant is that its name perfectly matches its appearance. Pink Rozay produces olive buds with pink and dark purple undertones.

They are covered in orange hairs, vivid purple trichomes, and white trichomes. When you separate the dense nuggets, you’ll find a berry patch full with aromas. Your senses will be inundated with strawberries, nutty, earthy herbs, and various fruit. It is both fruity and sweet, as well as rustic. It smells like fairytales.

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17 percent

12.5 percent

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People enjoy the flavor because it is so inviting, with touches of berries, herbs, spicy floral, and nutty overtones. When the high comes, you’ll comprehend the enticing aromas; the head high has the identical sensation. It is robust but upbeat.

Those attracted to the appearance and aroma of the Pink Rozay strain will experience a high that matches (or exceeds) their expectations. It hits you hard at first, but then gives you a tingling high that leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled.

This “daze” surpasses a simple joyful high, but does not fully sedate you; it leaves you calm, content, and awake. Therefore, unless relaxing is the only factor preventing you from sleeping, Pink Rozay strain is not the most effective cannabis strain for treating insomnia.


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However, this cerebral body high and mental haze have additional advantageous consequences that you should not overlook. Those who suffer from chronic weariness will want to take advantage of its calming effects, the way it makes you feel tingling and uplifted and gives you a positive boost.

This is also useful for individuals with depression, mood swings, and chronic stress. If you suffer from any type of chronic pain, such as muscle, bone, or nerve disorders, you will appreciate the pain-relieving effects.

Pink Rozay is one of those strains that both recreational and medical users enjoy for its sedative effects. People with arthritis, muscle spasms, cramps, discomfort, neurological disorders, and other symptoms resulting from or contributing to heightened anxiety levels seek out Pink Rozay for its fruity flavor, pleasant earthy aroma, and full-body high.

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