Papaya Strain

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Papaya is an Indica-dominant strain that smells and tastes strongly of mango and contains between 20 and 25 percent THC. This strain’s physical effects are frequently described as narcotic, as it possesses a traditional Indica high.

The effects take hold swiftly, numbing the entire body and leaving users feeling lethargic and exhausted. It provides a mild mood-enhancing impact that can be rather soothing.

There are individuals who find that this stress makes them more creative and concentrated. Although cotton mouth is the most commonly reported negative effect of papaya, dizziness and headaches precede dry eyes, which is followed by worry.

Similar to other strains with significant Indica effects, this strain should be smoked in the late afternoon or at night. The potent body high that papaya delivers can dull even the most excruciating chronic aches and pains. It has the potential to help insomniacs fall asleep.

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In addition, these actions may alleviate nausea and stimulate the appetite, so assisting in the treatment of anorexia and other eating disorders. On the other side, the cerebral effects may aid in stress and anxiety reduction.

conceivably reduces anxiety and tension.

Common Outcomes


Usage Frequent


THC Content Maximum Test 25 percent

STRAIN AVERAGE 22.5 percent

12.5 percent



Papaya strain is a Nirvana Seeds strain that owes its Indica properties to pure landrace Afghani Indica in its ancestry. The strain was produced by Nirvana from K.C. Brains’ Mango strain.

The ultimate result is a variety that can be cultivated easily indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses by novice and experienced gardeners alike. It fits the Sea of Green methodology.

Papaya should be cultivated outside for the finest aroma and flavor. It can produce up to 150 grams indoors and 800 grams at full height when grown outdoors.


What does Papaya strain taste like?

Papaya strain was first bred by Nirvana Seeds, an online seed bank that specializes in Dutch and European genetics, for its relaxing tropical flavor reminiscent of papaya, mango, guava, and other sweet and savory fruit.

Papaya is typically packaged in huge, round buds resembling anything from a football to a fist. It has a vivid green hue that appears almost nuclear, with creamy orange pistils and little trichomes dotted throughout the calyxes.

Although it begins with a faint, almost rotten sour scent, Papaya leaves behind a creamy, delicious aroma. The fruity notes are more tangy and succulent than acidic or sour, resembling those of passion fruit, mango, and other tropical fruits…such as papaya. It is rounded out by earthy, spicy flavors.

Flavor: The slight sourness in the Papaya’s aroma is more cheesy and funky on the tongue, with an initial funk that gradually melds into a sweet, creamy flavor with undertones of tropical fruit.

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Papaya strain is known for its ability to generate a productive burst of concentration, but this effect can wane within a few of hours. I would say that Papaya is a hybrid, with the daytime/nighttime classification mostly dependent on the user.

The soothing benefits of the strain have been utilized to treat pain, stress, emotional suffering, physical exhaustion, and nausea.

The opinion of a commercial grower: “It is heavily influenced by Mango, which is likely the cause of its intensely tropical aroma and flavor. I’ve heard it’s fairly resistant to pests and thrives in arid climates; therefore, if you’re comfortable with a nine-week flowering period, it could be a decent choice for home grows in Colorado. I suppose that all of that taste takes time.”

The opinion of a home grower: “I don’t like how long it takes to grow. You may run out of water while waiting for Papaya’s 72-day [blooming] time, unless you’re willing to share some of that space with another variety that may flower in six or seven weeks.

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