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Oreoz strain has the flavors you’d expect based on its quirky name, which calls to mind an incalculable number of sweet, milk-dipped, crunchy-grooved chocolate cookie nibbles.

However, this is not a cookie but a cannabis strain. Keep in mind that you will not so much taste Oreos strain as… herbal Oreo soil.

This variety is a keeper, if for no other reason than its high THC content, which can reach 33 percent. This strain literally blows the mind.

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3rd Coast Genetics matures in approximately 65 days, and the breeder suggests keeping this one indoors. The plant develops in colours of brilliant purple and green, with amber pistils and a dense coating of thick trichomes.

Even when buried, it emits a lovely earthy, gassy odor. It is a cross between Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon and leans mainly towards Indica (70/30). If you have a stress-related issue to cure, it could become your secret weapon.

Standard Usage

DEPRESSED Appetite Loss Insomnia

THC Material

HIGHEST TEST 33 percent

27.5 percent

12.5 percent

Oreoz is an Indica enthusiast’s new favorite strain due to its high strength and relaxation-inducing terpenes. This causes hours-long, high-flying emotions of peace and contentment.


Oreoz aka Oreo Cookies, Oreos Weed Strain Information | Leafly


it is a dream if you have racing, nasty work-week thoughts. It takes them, dips them in the milk of indifference, and feeds them back to your brain to relive your youth. Your happiness will spread and foster emotions of tranquility, making everyone around you happy.

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