Mighty Vape (Plus)

  • 1 pc. MIGHTY
  • 1 pc. Power Adapter 12 V
  • 3 pcs. Normal Screen, small
  • 3 pcs. Coarse Screen, small)
  • 3 pcs. Base Seal Ring, small
  • 1 pc. Filling Aid
  • 1 pc. Herb Mill (approx. Ø 59 mm)
  • 1 pc. Dosing Capsule
  • 1 pc. Cleaning Brush
  • 1 pc. Instructions for Use (concise)
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Whenever a quality portable vaporizer is released, the question “Is this the Mighty killer?” is asked with justification. The Mighty aced every significant discussion point for a vaporizer, and the majority of Mighty owners don’t feel the need to check in again until something better arrives. You may be pleased with a different portable vaporizer for a while, but soon your eyes will stray and you will crave for the Mighty.

Regarding vapor quality, the Mighty continues to be unrivaled. The Mighty+ offers a multitude of improved features, but the vapor remains unchanged. You now have two excellent options!

Consistency is supreme.

I often begin a review by discussing the vapor quality and flavor. This is imminent. However, I’d like to highlight something distinctive about the Mighty – what genuinely distinguishes it. Yes, it is delicious, efficient, and simple to use.

But what makes the Mighty truly exceptional is its dependability. It is not only excellent; it is constantly excellent. When you obtain a Mighty, there is no need to look back.

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Satisfying vapor of Mighty vape

Sessions with the Mighty are exactly how I want them – flavorful and rich from the first hit. The Mighty may take longer than other vapes to heat up, but the initial hits are more pleasant than those produced by vapes that rush to heat up before allowing the system to reach equilibrium.

The Mighty’s cooling system is compact and efficient. It cools the air before it reaches the mouthpiece for a comfortable yet effective hit, and its low draw resistance is suitable for both light sippers and powerful hitters.


The halting point is another aspect of Mighty vapor that I appreciate. Some vapes continue to produce visible vapor long after they are no longer useful, and I wonder the effectiveness of subsequent hits.

But The Mighty removes swiftly and ceases creating vapor. Even at lower temperatures, fewer hits are required to finish a bowl. Storz & Bickel (S&B) vaporizers appear to extract more quickly and thoroughly than other vaporizers.


Exceptionally efficient of Mighty vape

Testing is the reason for all this productivity. During development, S&B examined the Mighty’s vapor output to determine its composition, quantity, and purity. I am not aware of any other vaporizer makers who invested as much time and effort into their designs, and it paid off.

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I believe that S&B has developed a unique combination of convection and conduction heating, or hybrid heating, that pulls everything from the heated chamber as rapidly as possible.

Other hybrid vaporizers may trend more toward conduction or convection heating, but they fall short. Meanwhile, the Mighty always performs admirably.


So simple to use

The Mighty is simple and intuitive to use. The front panel contains all temperature controls and information, with the option to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

The orange power button on the side activates and deactivates the device, while the triangle buttons on the front control its extensive temperature range. The display is straightforward, with the actual temperature on top, the set temperature underneath, and the battery meter at the bottom.

The Mighty vape lacks a conventional auto-shutoff timer. Instead, it monitors usage and powers down after two minutes of idleness. There is hardly much to consider here. A entire session requires little more than a single button press.

Mighty vape Overview


The Mighty vape is as simple to load and use. It makes no difference whether you use a coarse grind, a fine grind, or no grind; the Mighty will vaporize your herbs thoroughly, extracting everything. I will elaborate on the Mighty accessories a bit later, but I must address the dosage capsules now. They are the ideal pre-packaged alternative for quick, easy loading on the road, plus they are inexpensive!


Long-lasting battery life

The Powerful is powered by two lithium-ion batteries. It is difficult to determine how many bowls the Mighty can cook on a single charge because it lacks a session timer, although the average runtime is 90 minutes.

Those who consume their bowls quickly can earn up to twelve each charge, whilst vaporists such as myself may only get eight. Regardless of the genre, that’s more than enough to get anyone through the evening.


I had to charge the Mighty vape every two days due to regular, intense use. Casual users could spend weeks without requiring a refill. The Mighty requires approximately two hours to fully charge and supports passthrough charging. If you need to vape immediately but the battery is dead, you can use it while plugged in after only a few minutes.


The primary disadvantage of the battery life of the Mighty vape is the required charger. The majority of modern vaporizers charge via USB connection and may be charged anywhere. It’s not the Mighty’s fault, but I’ve misplaced the barrel-port charger several times, rendering it inoperable until I located it.


A medical structure with an industrial air

The Mighty vape resembles a power tool more than a medical gadget, with its cooling fins and Black & Decker hues (black and orange). However, the appearance is consistent with its design, combining industrial durability and portability with medical performance. I routinely toss it in my backpack without a protective case because it is so durable.


The Mighty is not medically approved, but it benefits from the testing and design of S&B’s medically certified dry herb vaporizer, the Mighty Medic, which is only accessible in a handful of countries through medical channels.

The retail version is manufactured at the same plant to the same specs. There are only a few distinctions between the units, and none of them effect performance.

Mighty+ vs Mighty Review - Best Portable Vapes - Tools420 USA

If you value medical credentials and extensive testing, the Mighty vape is really your only option. I am aware of no more than two other vaporizers that have been subjected to this kind of examination.

Herb or concentrated cannabis sessions

When it comes to vaporizing dried plants, the Mighty is unparalleled. S&B devised the hybrid heating system, and it was an instant success.

The initial hit is predominantly convectional and flavorful, while the clouds grow throughout the session. It consistently and thoroughly extracts everything from your herbs, with no hassle. There have been imitations, but no one has come close.

The Mighty vape was designed to hold dry herbs, but the stainless steel mesh pad for concentrates (not supplied) performs admirably. It’s not for the lung-busting hits seen with hot nails and e-rigs.

This is for a session that is relaxing, yet effective. Apply the same concentrate you would use for a session to the mesh pad. The extract melts into the pad and vaporizes over several minutes as the Mighty warms.

Review of a powerful vaporizer: the Gold Standard

Slow heating rate of Mighty vape

Depending on the battery level and temperature setting of your Mighty, the heating process can take anywhere from one to two minutes. By today’s standards, that is a bit slow; most vapes take about 30 seconds. However, when the Mighty is prepared, vapor flows.

These faster-acting vaporizers require two hits to catch up. If the heating time is a deal-breaker for you, check out the Mighty+.


The temperature display on the Mighty is another feature I appreciate. It accurately reflects the current temperature. Other vapes may merely display the desired temperature and vibrate when it is reached.

After that, you have no idea what they are doing because they only display the predetermined temperature. The Mighty temperature display varies within a 15° F range as it adjusts to maintain a constant temperature. Every vaporizer does this, but the Mighty is not afraid to show you the findings.

Fantastic accessories of Mighty vape

Both included and offered separately, the Mighty’s accessories create a comprehensive package. In addition to the herbs, the Mighty includes the herb mill, filling assist, dosing capsule, cleaning brush, extract pad, and additional parts. Move up to the dosage capsule caddy that carries four capsules or the magazine that stores eight capsules when you need more. There is even a 40-capsule set with a grinder, scale, and loading tray for dedicated users.

Mighty+ (Plus) Review - Newer & Mighty-Er | TVape UK Blog


Additionally, we have essential accessories manufactured by third parties. There are various types of water pipe adapters (silicon or glass, which are also compatible with the Crafty+) as well as stands to keep the Mighty upright during loading. If you swing for a Mighty, you should absolutely purchase the stand. My ring never falls off.


Here, the Mighty surpasses all competitors. No other portable vaporizer has such a lengthy history of excellence. I can only think of a handful other vaporizers with comparable vapor quality to the Mighty.

All of them, however, are either highly scarce or brand-new on the market. Meanwhile, the Mighty has been performing admirably for years. Simply put, if you want the best and to move on with your life, there is no better vape to chose.

There is no such thing as a flawless vaporizer, and I’m sure you will find something about the Mighty that you would alter after some use. My list begins with the bottom curve. I can not get why a flat bottom was added to the Crafty+ vaporizer. It is more difficult to load and forces us to hunt for a stand. Fortunately, stands are inexpensive.

I’ve already expressed my other complaints: the Mighty is comparatively slow to heat up, and it can only be charged via its barrel-port charger. A quicker heating time and USB charging port would be appreciated. With the Mighty+, Storz & Bickel addressed all of these difficulties.


Is the Mighty vape a good investment?

Without a doubt. It is reliable, great, and simple to use. This is not merely our viewpoint. Whether we poll industry insiders, our customers, or the vaping community as a whole, the Mighty vaporizer is highly popular and may be the safest vaporizer option.


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