Layer Cake Strain

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Many cannabis breeders have created the well-liked, potent, indica-dominant cannabis strain known as Layer Cake. It is thought that Swamp Boys Seeds’ gardens are where it first appeared. It is the result of a three-way cross between four strains.

A layer cake is, technically speaking, a cake that has two or more tiers with frosting or another filling in between.

Triangle Kush crosses with Skunk before being combined with GMO (sometimes called Garlic Cookies) and Wedding Cake. To me, it sounds exactly like a layer cake with a lovely layer of kief as the filler.

The Layer Cake nuggets are composed of hefty dense fern-green leaves, vivid orange bunches of pistils, and fluffy golden trichomes. It is advised to handle the buds with a tray beneath because the kief content might be very high.


Layer Cake Strain - Hybrid Cannabis Video, THC, Terpenes : Hytiva


has a strong aroma that reminds one of old cheese and cedar wood. Burning this strain produces an aftertaste that is wonderfully buttery and tastes just like it smells.

Layer Cake is strong enough to be near-narcotic levels of psychoactive. The euphoric, blissful, happy calm comes out as a strong body buzz that will make you feel sharp, motivated, and ready for anything.

According to many, this strain is highly sought after by medical users who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, cramping, and chronic pain because of its high THC concentration, which regularly tests at over 25%. A narcotic-like body buzz and euphoric psychoactive elation are reported by users.

Users’ reports of Layer Cake’s effectiveness without having a reputation for leaving them in a hopeless couch-lock state may be the reason it is so adored. Users claim to maintain a reasonable level of mental sharpness when sufficiently motivated.


Layer Cake Cannabis Strain Information and Review - ILGM


It stands out among high-powered Indicas because of this. Many advocate using this adaptable mix before supper or the gym because it makes the user joyful, hungry, and pain-free.

The next time you want a strong indica that can also be used as a wake-and-bake strain or a nightcap, consider reaching for some Layer Cake.


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