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A well-balanced hybrid with sativa-leaning effects, Jolly Rancher is named after everyone’s favorite hard candy. This bud’s pedigree is unknown, but it is well-liked in West Coast cannabis markets and utilized to produce excellent crossbreeds like Purple Jolly Rancher.

Whatever its origins, Jolly Rancher is famous for its fruity, tangy flavor and its somewhat stimulating high. THC levels for this strain have been shown to range between 11% and 20%.

The size and coherence of the Jolly Rancher flowers draw the eye. The medium to big buds form a tapering, spade-like shape when they are held together. The closely arranged leaves strongly curve inward toward their stems at the center.


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Although many genotypes also have streaks of red and purple, the leaves themselves are an uninteresting shade of olive green. These striking hues result from the activation of anthocyanins, which are genetic pigments, by cold temperatures throughout the growing season.

A tangle of hairy orange and crimson pistils and a scattering of hazy white trichomes top off these vibrant flowers.

What type of Jolly Rancher is purple?

An indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain called Purple Jolly Rancher is from San Francisco’s Bay Area. You can anticipate immediate stress alleviation, an energizing mental bliss, and an elevated mood. Even the most banal subjects may take on new, more funny tones as a result of the giggles.

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