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Dr. Dabber is a popular brand of vaporizers that has been around for years. Their vaporizers are well-made and last a long time. Ask any vaporizer expert, and they’ll tell you about at least two Dr. Dabber models, like the Dr. Dabber Ghost, the Dr. Dabber Light, or the Dr. Dabber Boost.

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Far from average. Dr.Dabber® has spent a lot of time figuring out what is most important in a vaporizer and leaving out anything we don’t think is necessary for the perfect eRig experience.

We have moved away from old technologies and into the future by leading the way in the induction heating movement. Take full control of how much you use without sacrificing power or performance. Don’t worry about replacing your atomizers anymore. Hello, this is the Dr.Dabber SwitchTM.
Regular Strength

With our patented induction technology, you can switch from flower to oil in record time. Consistent enough to vaporize top-tier cannabis without a solvent and with no loss of terpenes.

Strong enough to run through any dried leaf material, leaving even turkey bag fans happy. The Switch has 25 different heat settings, so you can find the right one for any level of use, from casual to expert.

Dr. Dabber | SWITCH E-Rig Kit – DankStop

With the flip of a switch, you can turn your unit from a top-tier flower vaporizer to a powerhouse for using concentrates. Did we mention the Self-Cleaning Mode? Our specialty is being flexible.

Made to Last Batteries

You can use your SwitchTM more than 100 times on a single charge, so you can take it from the lake to the campsite and keep dabbing under the stars before you have to stop and charge it.

On average, this means that you can use it for a whole week before you have to stop and charge it. Tired of your dead battery? You can keep playing with your SwitchTM plugged in and charging at the same time. With a full charge taking only 60 minutes, you will be back on the go in no time. The future has arrived.

How Strong and Quickly Induction Works

Our patented induction technology lets the SwitchTM reach temperature in less than 10 seconds (dependent on selected temperature). Show us how that works with your parents’ vaporizer. We put the induction heating inside the glass so it would be easy to clean and safe to use.

Dr Dabber Boost & Switch Vaporizers - Portable Vapes for Wax and Dry Herbs


Just fill the well with isopropyl alcohol and wipe it clean to get rid of any leftovers. The internal electronics of the SwitchTM are completely sealed off, so you don’t have to worry about leaks causing mechanical failure.

We stand behind all of our vaporizers, and each Switch® comes with a 2-Year warranty.

Is the Dr Dabber brand a good one?
Dabber Switch is without a doubt the best! Anyone will be impressed by how quickly it heats up, how good it tastes, and how big the clouds are. The bubbler does a great job of filtering and cooling the hit before it reaches your lungs, and smoking wax is one of the best ways to do it.

How it Does It

The Switch can be used in either concentrates mode or dry herb mode. There isn’t much difference in how the two work, but let’s go over it anyway.

After putting it into oil mode, you’ll need to use the right buttons to change the temperature. Before you do anything else, you’ll need to fill up the glass bubbler and make sure the top is on tight.

After putting the little cup in and setting the temperature, you’re ready to go. Drop your concentrates into the cup with the Dr Dabber Switch Carb Cap/dab tool that comes with it, and you’re ready to go. Just put the lid on the top and breathe in for good results.

In dry herb mode, the process is almost the same, but you’ll need to put the herb in the cup before dropping it into the heating area. You should pack it like a conduction vaporizer, with the herb finely ground and pressed down a lot.

Then, set your temperature, let it get hot, and inhale!

Dr Dabber Switch kit
Dr Dabber Switch controls the power.
Temperature Flexibility

Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer

With the Switch, you have a huge number of options. From 300°F/149°C all the way up to 800°F/427°C, you have a wide range of temperature settings to choose from.

Even though you can’t control the temperature to the degree, the 25 presets are more than enough to find the perfect setting, and this doesn’t bother me at all.

Even though it doesn’t have a digital display like the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit, the LEDs on the front do a good job of telling you what setting you’re on. Over time, you’ll get to know all the colors and the different temperatures that go with them.

Dr Dabber Switch’s pipe.

Quality of Vapor
When it comes to concentrates, the Dr. Dabber Switch is by far the best! Anyone will be impressed by how quickly it heats up, how good it tastes, and how big the clouds are.

The bubbler does a great job of filtering and cooling the hit before it reaches your lungs, and smoking wax is one of the best ways to do it.

With dry herb, things are very different. Either the taste is there but you can’t see any vapor coming out, or there’s a lot of ashy-tasting vapor and a strong taste.

On the other hand, the induction heater coil works really well with the DynaVap M and other similar models.

The vapor from dry herb is different from that of any other vaporizer. It’s not my favorite, but I can see why some people, especially those who like to smoke, might like it.
Dr Dabber Switch detached

Dr Dabber Switch screen on the front

Making quality products
When you pay a high price, you should expect a high-quality build. In this way, the Switch doesn’t let you down at all, and each piece feels great, just like the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit.

The glass is high-quality and fairly thick, the unit has a nice weight while still being ergonomically sound, and it looks good as a high-tech centerpiece.

Buy Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer - Zamnesia

The light show and intricate glass piece add to the beauty of the place, which makes the whole thing even better. Still, for such a pricey device, you’d expect a good OLED display or something similar instead of some regular LEDs.

Dr. Dabber comes with a nice list of accessories, including the device itself, the bubbler, one white and one black ceramic heating dish, a wax container, reverse tweezers, and a user manual. Also, each accessory is well made and worth the high price.

Battery Life Dr Dabber Switch USB Slot

The Dr. Dabber Switch battery says it can give you up to 150 hits on a single charge, which I have no doubt is true.

The great thing about induction heating is that it works very well, as shown here. Also, it has pass-through charging, so you can theoretically vape for as long as you want. This is different from the Puffco Peak E-rig and its improved version, the Puffco Pro, which need about two hours to charge before you can use them again. But we wouldn’t really suggest that!

Even though the Dr. Dabber Switch battery can be changed, it is made by Dr. Dabber. When the battery eventually dies, you won’t be stuck with a pricey centerpiece, which is a relief.


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