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The cartridge from Dime Industries is filled with pure THC distillate that has a high potency. The distillate is pure and smooth like nothing else. Their cartridges and hardware are easy to find in both Northern and Southern California. Dime Industries is the company that sells all of their products.




The cartridge from Dime Industries is filled with pure THC distillate that has a high potency. The distillate is pure and smooth like nothing else. Their cartridges and hardware are easy to find in both Northern and Southern California. Dime Industries is the company that sells all of their products.


Normal tastes and smells
Very smooth draws with big clouds of smoke
The high is a lot of fun.

Because the cartridge is covered by the packaging, I couldn’t see that it was broken before I bought it.
It doesn’t look quite right on most 510 thread batteries.
It needs to be stored standing up, or bubbles will get into the mouthpiece.

Recommendations: There should be a hole in the front of the package so that people can see the cartridge. The cartridge I bought was damaged on the outside and inside, and it was leaking.

Details about Dime Industries’ licenses: C11-0000470-LIC CDPH-10002933

See our review of a Dime Industries cartridge in the video below. Read on to find out more about our written review.

The overall quality of the Dime cartridge and its packaging is very high.
The packaging for Dime Industries Cartridges is well thought out.
Dime Industries manufactures an excellent cartridge Dime carts.

The glass of the oil tank is thick and clear. The mouthpiece and base of the cartridge are both made of metal and painted to match the look of the patented zero-waste atomizer from Dime carts.

OEM/ODM Logo Label Clearomizer Dime High Quality E-Cig 1ml Disposable Vaporizer Dime Carts - China Rove Carts, Cartridge | Made-in-China.com

I didn’t get a chance to buy the Dime atomizer and try it out for myself. For this review of the Dime cartridge, I tried the 1 gram Sativa Blueberry Lemon Haze cartridge. I don’t think they’re telling the truth when they say the cartridge has blueberry strain. It could just be lemon haze with blueberry terpenes.

The Dime cartridge has one of the best designs I’ve seen on the market.

The cartridge looks and feels very well made, and it’s also very pretty. The metal and glass make it pretty heavy, but I think that’s a good thing. The bottom of the cartridge has air holes on both sides.

These holes let air flow through and make it possible to get big clouds and smooth hits. Not to mention that they make a satisfying hiss when I vape. Even though my cartridge is slightly broken and has a small leak, it still works great overall.

The only issue is where to store the cartridge.
The only thing wrong with my Dime cartridge is that it seems to leak because the body is broken.

But I know now that because of the way the cartridge is made, it needs to be stored standing up. If I don’t store it upright, the oil leaks into the chamber and then into the mouthpiece. This isn’t a big deal, but when I took my first hit, the hot concentrate bubbled through the mouthpiece and burned my tongue.

The oil in the Dime cartridge is a great distillate Dime carts.
The oils in the cartridges from Dime Industries are distillates. Distillates have never been my thing because most of them hurt my throat. But this cartridge gives me one of the smoothest hits I’ve ever had. I didn’t get a sore throat from smoking it over and over, and it doesn’t burn.

When I smoke some distillates, I sometimes get a bitter aftertaste or a mild headache. This was the case with the Timeless Vapes cartridge I had tried before. The Dime cartridge, on the other hand, isn’t giving me headaches and doesn’t make my battery hot.

The high from Dime Industries vape cartridges is very strong on the sativa side.

Dime Strawberry Cough - Gram | Emjay

The THC level of the distillate in my Dime cartridge was a very nice 85.68 percent. It only took two good hits for the effects to start to kick in. The high is very uplifting, as it should be with a Sativa, and it lasts for about three hours. At first, the high seems pretty mild, but then it starts to get stronger and stronger.

The distillate in the cartridge has one of the cleanest tastes. I have tried clear oil, vape oil, designer weed, and dime industries.
The vape oil is clear and looks like gold.
I’ve said before that my experiences with distillates have been mixed. Sometimes it gives me a headache or makes my throat hurt. Despite this,

Super clean e-juice can’t be told apart from a dime cartridge. The taste is smooth and doesn’t leave any bitter taste on my tongue at all. I haven’t gotten a musty taste in my mouth. It tastes great. I’d rather drink this than Heavy Hitters, which has milder flavors but is just as smooth Dime carts..

The cartridges made by Dime Industries are as effective as they can be Dime carts..
Even though there are air holes for flow and I make big clouds, my full-gram Dime cartridge is still going strong.

Before I could finish my cartridge, my universal battery ran out. I haven’t been able to finish it yet, and I think it will take me at least three weeks. From how Dime Industries makes their cartridges, it looks like I’ll be able to vape almost all of the liquid.

My Dime cartridge worked better because it was more potent.
At 86% THC, my Dime cartridge was very powerful. I use less oil because I don’t have to smoke all the time, and since it’s strong, I only need one good pull.

Less heat makes the oil last longer and makes the experience better.
I put my universal pen on the lowest heat setting because I didn’t want to try it on a higher one.

My universal battery still hit really well on the lowest setting. Lower heat makes my cartridge work better, and I think it’s the best way to get the most out of what Dime cartridges have to offer.

I will definitely buy another one of their cartridges vape cart, dime industries, 510 battery, dime industries cartridge on a universal 510 threaded battery.
My Dime cartridge cost a standard $62.00 for a full gram, which includes taxes.

Dime Industries has a patented atomizer that makes it easy for first-timers to get great hardware to match the quality of the oil. Even for experienced smokers, the carts are great because they taste good and hit hard without being too harsh.

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In the end of my review of Dime Industries cartridges, I will say…
I would say that Dime is a great experience as a whole. The distillate is very smooth and full of flavor.

The oil doesn’t leave any residue on my tongue, and the high is clean. I do recommend using their atomizers, since the cartridge looks funny on most universal batteries. It’s better than I thought it would be all around. I’ll buy it when I don’t have enough money to last until my next paycheck.

Here, you can find out if cartridges from Dime Industries are sold in your area. On their website, you can find out more about Dime Industries and the things they sell.

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