Morocco is known as the Mecca of hashish due to it being the largest producer of high-quality product in North Africa. … Blonde Moroccan Hash is one of the finest of Moroccan Hash available currently. It is lightly aromatic with a hint of spice that produces a cerebral and active high.

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The Blonde Hash, one of the early strains that have been quietly staying in the market today and is known for its rarity since it has been hanging around for decades. Originated from Lebanon, this veteran Lebanese blonde hash kept its presence around older marijuana users where it offered pure and a touch of simplistic high in its effects. Nothing wild can be expected from this blonde Lebanese hash, however, it gives you that nostalgic buzz all over your body with a mild touch but high effects. Make no mistake about it, the yellow hash still has loyal followers under its name and has also played a major role in the building up of the marijuana’s reputation in medical studies. The Lebanese blond was one of the earliest lab rats in the field of studying marijuana as an alternative medication in the early years, so this strain played a vital role in making marijuana a proven effective medicine for some unsolved cure of certain ailments.

Known to be a common strain in Europe it is quite rare outside of that continent since users have moved on to a more power advanced strain as years go by. Providing this in our wide range of selections, makes it more accessible for the “old boys” and take them to a ride in memory and revisit those younger years and enjoy the simplistic that this hash offers.


The Blonde Hash takes over you cerebral nerves and gives your body that high with a medium feeling of being “high”. It also helps ease you from the pain of migraine, depression, nausea, loss of appetite, and stress. Though old school, it still provides the same effects compared to those new strains in the market today making this old timer a force that still needs to reckon with. Without a doubt in our minds that the Blonde Hash has still a place on its own in the marijuana scenery.

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