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The sativa-dominant hybrid Black Widow yields extraordinarily powerful THC levels, making it one of the strongest cannabis strains ever studied. Its flavor and aroma are similar to delicious berries and new garden soil.

This strain frequently has THC concentrations of up to 28%, making it particularly strong. Because very little dosages can cause the consumer to feel incredibly high for a very long time, it is not advised for inexperienced users.

Black Widow has a lot of THC, so if you ingest too much of it at once, you can feel lightheaded.

Other problems cited by reviewers include headaches and paranoia.


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Many people experience dry eyes as well as dry mouth, which is to be expected. It frequently makes you hungry and can also aid with nausea.
It takes Black Widow eight to nine weeks to completely bloom.

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Originally grown by breeder Scott Blakey, alias Shantibaba, under the name White Widow, Black Widow is an Indica-leaning cross of South Indian and Brazilian landraces.


The name was changed to Black Widow strain in order to set their plant apart from White Widow strains offered by other seed banks after Blakey and breeder Howard Marks, sometimes known as Mr. Nice, left Green House Seed Company in the late 1990s.


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