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black afghan strain

Black Afghan (also known as Black Afghani) is a purely indica strain with a solid genetic backbone. This bud is a cross between a landrace Afghan Kush and Sensi Seeds’ colorful Black Domina. It has deep purple hues and the dank, incense-like aroma you’d expect of such a heavy indica.


Black Afghan Strain Description


Black Afghan (sometimes referred to as Black Afghani) is an indica-dominant variety with a strong genetic foundation. This flower is a hybrid between an Afghan Kush landrace and Sensi Seeds’ vibrant Black Domina.

It features the dark purple colours and pungent, incense-like perfume one would anticipate from such a potent indica.  offers THC levels ranging between 19 and 24 percent, making it ideal for an indoor evening of relaxation.

Black Afghan is distinguished by its enormous, multicolored flowers. Surprisingly, these buds adhere in a long, slender structure more typical of landrace sativas such as Thai.

The loosely twisted, long, wispy foliage give these flowers a rather unkempt look. These leaves are more dark purple than green because Black Domina passed along extremely high quantities of the pigment anthocyanin.

The orange pistils create visual contrast to the black foliage, while the white trichomes make the leaves extremely tacky.

When fully cured, the blossoms of Black Afghan emit a musky, earthy scent reminiscent of damp soil and leaves. A deeper sniff may also detect hints of sour fruit. In contrast, grinding or separating these feathery blossoms produces the peppery flavor that is commonly associated with Afghan cuisine.

Black Afghan produces thick, pungent smoke when burned in a pipe or joint, which is likely to induce coughing or wet eyes. On the exhale, this cigarette leaves behind fruit and hashish notes.


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As is typically the case with pure indicas, the high may take several minutes to manifest. Eventually, the stress manifests as a headrush and facial tics, such as an elevated pulse around the temples. As these sensations subside, smokers enter a sort of altered state in which their sensory perception is susceptible to strange modifications.

There is a possibility of mild visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as an altered perception of time flowing more slowly. Psychedelic sensations can be amplified with some moody music or an atmospheric film.

For some, Black Afghan can elicit chattiness, setting the tone for a laid-back hangout with like-minded companions. Under the correct conditions, this strange head high can be a potent aphrodisiac.

As the euphoria produced by Black Afghan persists, its bodily impacts may begin to manifest. A tingling sensation that begins at the base of the neck may travel down the spine and into the limbs.

Although this progressive body stone might ruin previous motivation and productivity, it is ideal for unwinding after a long, demanding day. As a result, if the dosage is raised, this relaxation is likely to immobilize smokers.

The latter parts of Black Afghan are best savored in the comfort of one’s own home. Due to its calming and euphoric properties, this strain is recommended for consumption at night, or at least throughout a day without obligations or responsibilities.

Black Afghan’s pervasive, full-body relaxation can also provide medicinal marijuana patients with numerous benefits. Its calming bliss can relieve tension, despair, and anxiety.


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Physically, it can alleviate aches and pains, whether they are acute, as with an injury, or persistent, like with lupus or arthritis. Mild discomforts, such as nausea and cramping, can be alleviated by anti-inflammatory qualities.

The tendency of  Afghan to increase hunger can be an excellent appetite enhancer for persons with digestive disorders, while its tranquil comedown can be an effective cure for insomnia.

Black Afghan is an excellent alternative for panic-prone people because it has a low risk of paranoia and compulsive thinking.

Unfortunately, Afghan seeds are not easily available for internet purchase by amateur gardeners. Those who wish to produce their own should instead seek out a reputable supplier from which to purchase cuttings of mature plants of the strain.

Although outdoor growing normally requires a hot, humid climate,  Afghan’s robust landrace DNA may make it resistant to unfavorable conditions.

The plants exhibit the characteristic short, bushy stature of pure indicas. When grown inside, they attain maturity in only eight to nine weeks.


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