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Biscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid whose delicate dessert flavor lives up to its name. It is grown by the cannabis powerhouse brand Cookies and its long-standing Northern California growers collective.

The sugar rush and satiated calm that typically follow snatching a bag of cookies are perfectly replicated. The THC level of the tiny, vibrant buds is at least 21%, making one of the most well-liked strains now available.


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What consequences do this strain have?

A fantastic dessert strain ideal for use in the evening or after dinner. Users describe a full-body buzz or tingle with a strong tendency to giggle. While not immediately knocking you out, the social and calming strain Biscotti will assist you in winding down for bedtime.

What are the  parent strains?

The hybrid Florida OG mated with the vintage strain Gelato gave rise  is related to the well-known Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies through gelato. Gelato  strain gives its sweetness and a harmonious blend of indica and sativa traits, while Florida OG is in charge of its spicy undertones.

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How does  smoking this strain feel?

Some people compare the sweetness and sugary flavor of biscotti to that of Snickerdoodle cookies. The smoke has a spicy flavor and a faint diesel fragrance. The friendly, unwinding high will gradually take over.

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